The New S€x Ed

Seek and you shall find...

What if I told you that your sexual energy

has everything to do with your happiness?

What if I told you that your erotic power

is your birthright?

What if you lived as if you knew without a doubt

that you are inherently

and erotically



and free?

Maybe you "know" these things

but you don't totally LIVE like you know

Maybe you still doubt the transformative power

of your own eros

when brought into the light

of your own consciousness

You see, far too often we are taught to separate

our s€x from our heart

and the consciousness that we simply are

This, to me, is the biggest crime!

And it is my calling

to remember

and walk this path of remembering

for myself

What I offer you

is what I have given to myself:


to live an erotic life ❤️

i'll be right here x

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